Author: GOTW

The Universal Spoiler Law

GOTW Notes: Sometimes in life I feel inclined to take a non-serious position on a semi-serious subject that is written in a serious way. Got all that? Good, let us continue on..   There are all sorts of laws that govern this Universe: “what goes up must come down”, “An object in motion must stay in motion until blah blah…”,… Read more →

Soccer, The Wave of The Future?

Americans are used to dominating the sports landscape. We smash the Olympics, FIBA Basketball World Cups and even name our winning teams “world champions” even though they only compete nationally. The issue at hand is that the same dominance has escaped us when it comes to soccer. Outside of middle-aged mothers who drive minivans, futbol has had a tough time reaching the masses… Read more →

Not Another Sports Column… My Strange Sports Allegiances

The word fan is short for fanatic, which I always thought was a bit of an obsessive sounding word. Even though I’m from the east coast with the more sports-obsessed culture, I never considered myself a fanatic. I guess it was just my way of being a self-righteous 20-something. We are all fanatics in a sense; we bleed, scream, argue,… Read more →

The Conspiracy Theorist’s Guide to How The Spurs Won The West

  Guyonthwall logic: While most conspiracy theories are fun to ponder, debate, and discuss, they are usually lacking in the whole “evidence” department. A conspiracy theory can be built off of any historical moment with a plot hole: Kennedy Assassination, Moon Landing etc… but while the conspiracy theorist can build a case off of a few solid facts, usually the… Read more →

Negative Nancy’s Media Storm

I swear it doesn’t take much for our perception of the world to be totally spun up-side-down. On any given day you might see a good samaritan catch up to someone who dropped his or her wallet, or a younger person helping an elderly lady with her groceries. I imagine all around the world good things like this are constantly… Read more →

Hit me high, or hit me low?

  Disclaimer: Here at, I usually love to dive into stories that I cannot only discuss from a comedic standpoint, but also from an informative angle. This issue on the other hand does not have much humor attributed to it because it is such a serious and unfortunate side of football. With that being read, if you are squeamish… Read more →