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Not Another Sports Column… My Strange Sports Allegiances

The word fan is short for fanatic, which I always thought was a bit of an obsessive sounding word. Even though I’m from the east coast with the more sports-obsessed culture, I never considered myself a fanatic. I guess it was just my way of being a self-righteous 20-something. We are all fanatics in a sense; we bleed, scream, argue,… Read more →

The Conspiracy Theorist’s Guide to How The Spurs Won The West

  Guyonthwall logic: While most conspiracy theories are fun to ponder, debate, and discuss, they are usually lacking in the whole “evidence” department. A conspiracy theory can be built off of any historical moment with a plot hole: Kennedy Assassination, Moon Landing etc… but while the conspiracy theorist can build a case off of a few solid facts, usually the… Read more →