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The End of an Era in D.C.

It wasn’t that long ago when residents of the D.C. area were singing praises about their young Heisman winning quarterback’s amazing skills leading the 2012 Washington Professional Football Team (WPFT) to a 10-6 record and their first playoff berth since 2007. It was an easy story to fall in love with; they had the read option, the most explosive QB… Read more →

Not Another Sports Column… My Strange Sports Allegiances

The word fan is short for fanatic, which I always thought was a bit of an obsessive sounding word. Even though I’m from the east coast with the more sports-obsessed culture, I never considered myself a fanatic. I guess it was just my way of being a self-righteous 20-something. We are all fanatics in a sense; we bleed, scream, argue,… Read more →

Hit me high, or hit me low?

  Disclaimer: Here at theguyonthewall.com, I usually love to dive into stories that I cannot only discuss from a comedic standpoint, but also from an informative angle. This issue on the other hand does not have much humor attributed to it because it is such a serious and unfortunate side of football. With that being read, if you are squeamish… Read more →